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Block Paving Sealing

Block paving tends to provide the biggest headaches when it comes to maintenance. The sand filled joints seen with all types of block paving make it easy for weeds to grow. The permeable nature of the blocks themselves also attract all sorts of surface growth such as moss, green algae and lichen.

As registered installers for Smartseal block paving sealers in the Leeds area, we can protect the surface of the block paving and help to cut down on ongoing maintenance. The block paving sealer is applied by roller or sprayed onto the surface of the blocks (usually two coats).

There are numerous benefits of sealing your block paving:

  • Will restrict the growth weeds, moss, lichen and green algae.
  • Make ongoing maintenance much easier
  • Protects the colouring of the blocks from UV rays.
  • Oil, tyre and grease stains can be cleaned off much easier
  • Acts as a joint stabiliser for the paving 

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